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Nowdays digital cameras and cell phones seem to be our main tool for recording our daily lives, how long has it been since you printed a real picture last time?  Of course, digital photos are much easier to share and distribute. But we still need albums to house those happy moments. Today, we’ll going to introduce a famaily smart photo printer: Mijia Smart Photo Printer.

The package includes: 1 x Printer, 1 x Chinese Plug Adapter and 1 x Chinese Manual.

It should be noted that this machine does not bring consumables. The color ribbon and photographic paper set need to be purchased separately.

The photo printer keeps the Mijia fashion contracted design, there is only one power button on the top of the whole. It indicates that the printer has been incredibly intelligent. It can complete most operations such as photo selection, printing and typesetting by using the APP of the mobile phone. There are three lights, including a on-off indicator, WiFi indicator and malfunction indicator.

The size of photographic paper is 6 inches, and the specific size is 100X148mm. This Photo paper is a special for Mijia photo printer. At present, Mijia photo printer cannot support the photo paper of a third party.

Below, it’s the paper box door, and paper box can be inserted.

The side of the printer is the door of the color ribbon. You can push the ribbon directly into the socket. To take out the ribbon, just lift the red switch and the ribbon will pop out automatically.

The most exquisite and space-saving part of Mijia photo printer design is this top cover: it is a photo box, which can store photo paper inside. When the photo printer remains idle, the paper box can be placed on the top of the printer. Due to the magnetic absorption function, the box will be sucked up as long as it is near the printer.

Unboxing video:

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Author: Lorraine

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