Mi Band 4 Global Version Review: The Best Choice of Fitness Tracker.

Recently, Xiaomi held the “Mijia Intelligent Life” new product lanuch conference in Beijing, where it also released a lot of interesting items. Of course, Mi band 4 is one of the best-known voices. In today’s review, we’ll have a look at the Mi band 4 global version together.

As a whole, the design of the band has very little change. We can easily recognize the band is from Xiaomi, which followed “family-based” design.
Compared to previous Mi Bands, the bright spot is the screen. Mi band 4 has been directly upgraded from 0.78 inch black and white screen to 0.95 inch AMOLED color screen, the resolution of which has tripled to 120×240 RGB. That’s 39.9% larger and brighter than ever before.

The strap is made of light-weight and skin-friendly TPU material. Currently, there are five kinds of color is available: black, orange, blue, wine red and pink.

Features and performance
Not only has the Mi band 4 been upgraded in design, but also in functions. Various functions on the band can be seen by swiping up and down. Here, we want to remind all friends that the user interface only comes in English at the moment. According to officials, support for local languages will be added later via OTA update.

1.Sport Functions
Mi band 3 users should be deeply impressed by the simplicity of the 3th generation exercise functions — it can only provide activity information such as heart rate and steps counts, and sleep time, which cannot satisfy more sports demands.
In terms of sports monitoring, Mi band 4 supports 6 workout modes: Treadmill, exercise, outdoor running, cycling, walking, pool swimming; Count steps, distance, and calories burned. From the initial steps count and sleep record to the heart rate and running, now Mi band 4 can start to record swimming and identify swimming posture.

2. Health monitoring
Main function: workout completion notifications, goal setting, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, all-day heart rate checking, resting heart rate, heart rate chart, idle alerts.
For most people who choose smart bands, the most important purpose is to keep track of their health condition. In addition, Mi band 4 adds the idle alerts function. After setting the heart rate detection on the Mi Fit APP, it will still monitor the change of your heart rate in real time. When the heart rate exceeds the set value, there will be corresponding warnings and reminders, which is very necessary for both office workers who are busy working overtime and olders.

3. Other features
Moreover, Mi band 4 has some other features, such as a stopwatch, alarm clock, “find my phone”, customizable watch face, message notifications, music control and weather forecast etc.
Sincerely, I like the music control function very much. Nowadays, most of headphones without the function of switching songs. You have to reach for your phone to switch songs when going out for a night run, which is much inconvenient. Now we can switch songs, pause music and control the volume by the band.

With the Mi Fit App, you can check the status, steps, heart rate and sleep time. You can also check the detailed data of exercise in each option. Tapping that option will give you a more detailed breakdown of your day.

Mi band 4 makes up for shortcomings of the previous generation in sports data, while adding a larger color AMOLED screen for better visual effects. To be sure, Mi band 4 is an stress-free budget fitness tracker that can meet almost all your daily needs.
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Author: Lorraine

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