Redmi Note 7: the first shot of independent brand.

A few days ago, Xiaomi declared that Redmi would be operated as a brand new independent brand in the new product releasing meeting and released the first phone of the new brand: Redmi Note 7. The Xiaomi staff even called it as “ little King Kong”, and they said it stands for outstanding quality of the phone.

Now, let’s take a look at the “little King Kong”.



Redmi Note 7 adopted the popular water-drop full screen design, with a 6.3-inch screen size, 19.5:9 aspect ratio, and Corning Gorilla Glass 5.


The reverse side used 2.5D double-sided glass material, matching with gradient color.


Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 660 processor
Next, it is the performance of Redmi Note 7 that we all concerned. This time, Redmi Note 7 is matched with a “full blood” snapdragon 660 processor with a 2.2GHz main frequency.



The camera must be the best shines of Redmi Note 7. Redmi Note 7 is equipped with a 48 megapixel camera, which is the highest pixel model among Xiaomi’s mobile phone products.

Photo samples:


Battery life has never been a problem for Redmi. The Readmi Note 7 inherits the excellent tradition of the Readmi and continues to use a 4000mAh large battery. Deserved to be mentioned, the Redmi Note 7 adopts the more convenient Typc-C port, which can be inserted randomly. At the same time, Redmi Note 7 reserves a 3.5mm headphone jack, sloving the problem that the headphone jack and Type-C cannot coexist.


Redmi Note 7 takes the lead to break the traditional warranty convention, extending the warranty period to 18 months, and redefining the mobile phone quality standard!


At last, if you have a limited budget, the “little King Kong” is still worthy consideration.

What do you think of such a Redmi phone?

If you’d like to order or learn more about the Redmi Note 7, just click the following link:


Author: Lorraine

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