Xiaomi’s Own Processor “Pinecone” SoC Launch Event

Today Xiaomi just unveiled Surge S1, The first-ever SoC chipset designed in-house by Xiaomi that delivers performance and power efficiency.

The Surge S1 is an octa-core 64-bit processor that runs up to 2.2GHz at max frequency. The Mali-T860 quad-core GPU has a 40% improved power efficiency (compared to the previous-gen Mali-T760) when running graphic intensive apps.and also packed in a 32-bit high performance DSP for better voice processing for calls, and also dual microphones for noise reduction so your voice can be clearly heard. The 14-bit dual ISP enhances image processing capabilities and Surge ISP algorithm improves camera light sensitivity by up to 150% and the dual noise reduction algorithm also preserves detail in low light. Having an upgradable baseband means having VoLTE definition voice call and more secure against fraudulent base stations.

Check it out:
– Octa-core 64-bit chipset (4xA53 cores 2.2GHz + 4xA53 cores 1.4GHz)
– 28nm High Performance Computing (HPC) process
– Mali-T860 quad-core GPU
– AFBC + ASTC image compression technology
– 32-bit high performance DSP for voice processing
– 14-bit dual ISP; enhanced image processing capabilities
– Surge ISP algorithm improves camera light sensitivity by 150%
– Dual noise reduction algorithm reduces noise and preserves image detail in low light
– Upgradable baseband; programmable modem, OTA upgradable
– VoLTE high quality call and video support
– Chip-level security; TEE architecture, strict compliance with safety regulations
– Antutu score 64,817

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