Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Unboxing: OLED display!

Xiaomi announced MI band 2 with a OLED display yesterday.There are some new features of this new mi band 2 .



The first one is OLED display,which displays time,steps count and heart rate.The Mi Band 2 comes with an OLED which displays time,number of steps ,heart rate,distance walked,calories burned,battery info and other data.  You can see all these data on the display and also you could switch between various display items without having to open the Mi Fit App in your phone. The best part is, you can also customize which data content can be displayed on the Mi Band 2 display.


The second one is improved battery.Although OLED display added with Mi Band 2,the battery life can be up to 20 days.In this case,we already ignore the times of charging it.

Last but not the least,the new design strap of Mi Band 2 fits firmly into the capsule so that it cannot be easily detached from the strap.In addition,the new strap feels soft with a more skin friendly material,which can be used for long time lasted.To meet different needs,it also have colorful straps for customers to choose.


Except for above three new features,it remains IP67 water resistant.You don’t need to be worry about using it in water.


As for functions,Xiaomi Mi band 2 can monitor your sleep,sedentary alerts,monitor your heart rate,calls alerts,phone screen unlocking,alarm clock,payment made without password,etc.

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As we mentioned such more information above,let’s see the Unboxing of Mi Band 2 .

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Author: Lee Y

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