Xiaomi HUTT W66 Window Cleaner Robot

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Exclusive water spray design, the rag will always maintain humidity.

150ML intelligent control water tank, it can wipe 70-80 square meters of glass.

2600PA high suction, Intelligent recognition of glass, fast adsorption.

UPS power failure protection, Even if the power is off, it can still work for 20 minutes.

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HUTT W66 Smart Washing Window Cleaning Robot 

One-click start, intelligent route planning

Anticipate in advance, and avoid obstacles.

Intelligent escape, four-wheel upgrade to laser detection sensor.

Automatically increase cleaning pressure

Lightweight and portable design

Exclusively design a robot with a built-in water tank,150ML micro-controlled water outlet, 2600PA high suction, laser sensor

Intelligent route planning

Automatic frequency conversion to adjust the pressure
Lightweight design

HUTTTHINK smart algorithm

W66 can automatically change the suction power, automatically scan the glass cleanliness, increase and decrease pressure.

Exclusive water spray design

The robot has a built-in water tank and smart water spray.
When there is no water in the water tank, it will prompt you.

150ML intelligent control water tank

When the water tank is full, it can wipe 70-80 square meters of glass,
Spray water every 10 seconds for even coverage.
You can add glass water and other non-corrosive cleaning agents.

Add 8 sets of spray points

Spray water evenly, the rag will always maintain humidity.

One-click start, intelligent route planning

Plan the best route, When the cleaning work is completed, it automatically returns to the origin.

Anticipate in advance, and avoid obstacles

When reaching the edge of the window, it will automatically slow down in advance, And repeatedly wipe the edge glass.

Intelligent escape, four-wheel upgrade to laser detection sensor

HUTT W66 robot adopts laser sensor, which can judge various glass glue materials, Common window edge materials, and borderless glass, Accurately identify the edge of the glass and avoid danger.

High-quality parts, quality guaranteed

ARM architecture CORTEX-M3 CPU
Lithium polymer battery
PREESCALE pressure sensor
Gyro chip
High-end brushless DC motor.
Water level detection sensor
Microfiber wipes

2600PA high suction

Intelligent recognition of glass, fast adsorption.

Lightweight and portable design

7.6cm ultra-thin body, even if the anti-theft net is installed, it can still be cleaned.

Low noise

1. Optimize fan noise
2. Optimize the pump noise
3. Optimize motor and gear noise

Non-slip special track

Multi-layer composite track
Innovative synthetic materials, high-viscosity silica gel on the outer layer, high-elastic composite rubber in the middle layer, and friction material on the inner layer.
Easily deal with smooth surfaces.

Gift storage box(free), easy storage.

UPS power failure protection

Even if there is a sudden power failure at home, the robot can still work normally for 20 minutes.

General Brand: Xiaomi

Model: HUTT W66

Color: White

Main Material:Engineering Grade ABS

Cloth Material:Fabric Microfiber Plush
(Composition:85% Polyester,15% Cotton )

Cleaning Efficiency:Dry Wipe 150mm/s,Wet wipe 70mm/s

Motor Specification:DC Brushless Motor


Suction: 2600 Pa 2000Pa

Operating Noise: approx. 65dB

Water Tank Capacity:150ml can wipe 70-80 square meters of glass

Rated Curret:3.75A

Rated Power: 90W

Charging Duration: 2.2h 

Endurance: Plug-in work, accidental power failure can adsorb for 20min~ 30min

Minimum wiping area:40cm*60cm

Gear Setting: Intelligent frequency conversion, automatic gear adjustment

Power Cord Length: Body extension line 4.5m+adapter output line 1.5m+adapter power cord 1.5m = total 7.5m effective distance 6m (adapter weight cannot be suspended)

Battery Capacity


Weight and Size

Product Size: 231.5mm*231.5mm*76mm

Product weight: 1.4 kg

Body Thickness:7.6mm


1x Host

1x Remote Controller

4x Dishcloth

1x Charging plug

1x Power adapter

1x Safety rope

1x 100ml Measuring Bottle

1x Operating Manual

1x Quick Use Guide

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