XiaoMi MITU Engineering Crane Building Blocks Toys
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XiaoMi MITU Engineering Crane Building Blocks Toys

1:16 Simulation reduction
360 degree rotating console
Flexible steering device

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Rice rabbit building block
Miracle in the hands, a different sense of accomplishment

1:16 Simulation reduction | 360 degree rotating console | Flexible steering device | Lifting telescopic boom | Steady support foot

Dream meeting, cool personal playmate
Driving a cool and sleek crane truck, participating in engineering construction,
rescue and rescue, seems to be the dream of engineeing vehicles for every child.
The construction of the crane, let the joy of touching the dream,with time to sculpt the device.

Simulated models, the beauty of the machine
The engineering crane, made up of 125 kinds and more than 720 parts, creates the artistic beauty of mechanical life.
The model simulation vehicle restores the design, and 
the 2-in-1vivid shape combines technology and art to
fully demonstrate 
the charm of the mechanical structure. The delicate and delicate parts work perfectly
together to transmit the complex 
power transmission principle, and the mechanical beauty is everywhere.

Panoramic rotation, set up to control the wireless experience
The 360-degree swivel console gives you a true control experience. The large disc spur gear designed for the crane,
combined with the precision transmission of the gear assembly, can be rotated at any angle.
Objects of different weights,
rotating and jumping in the air due to the operation of the fingertips.

Small structure, witnessing the miracle of the mechanical group
Pusher,pulley block, second magical boom system

The unique push rod design, combined with the transmission structure of the gear, completes the lfting device of the
boom. The sling is used to hang the weight 
with the pulley block at the top  of the boom, and the length and
of the boom change the lfting height and working radius. The
ever-repetitive beauty of machinery has become a miracle in the hands.

Different past steering devices
According to the Ackermann principle, the four wheel steering system adjusts the forward direction of the
crane through the
connecting directional rod, and controls the front and rear wheels to tur at the same time.
The crane 
then obtains a smaller steering radius. Through the road of wisdom,
let the direction of advancement move with your heart.

Steady Support Foot Lifting Good Assistant
The engineering crane has the same load-bearing device as the real car. The connecting rod
can adjust the stable supporting foot, the supporting foot can balance the body, strengthen
the lifting device, and ensure the lifting action smoothly.

Magic building blocks to create ever-changing creative spaces
He three dimensional space combines a complex modern mechanical structure A variety of gears and pulleys
combine to show
the physical mechanics and structural mechanics, which is a good helper for STEM education.

A good part, to undergo layer-by-layer tempering, can be successful
Rice rabbit building block The engineering crane has been carefully polished by more than a dozen processes
and meets the national CCC certification 
requirements(3). The parts are injection molded by high-precision
mold and made by zero-degree drafting technology. Smooth and smooth inserts allow you to enjoy
the mechanical structure.

Xiaomi Mitu Building Blocks Miniature City Engineering Car Educational DIY Toys Truck Engineering For Kids Crane
Xiaomi Mitu Building Blocks Miniature City Engineering Car Educational DIY Toys Truck Engineering For Kids Crane

(1) The proportional ratio of 1:16 is based on the ratio of wheel diameter. The diameter of the
real hanging wheel steel is 508mm, the diameter of the product hanging wheel steel is 31mm,
the ratio is 16.4, so the ratio is about 1:16.

(2) STEM education is a new type of education that integrates science, technology, engineering,
and mathematics. It aims to cultivate scientific methods to explain and solve problems. ability.

(3) CCC certificate number. 2018012203112067

(4)After the construction of the crane model, the height is about 160mm as shown.

(5)After the construction of the crane model, the length shown in the figure is about 385mm.

*All the above data are from Aiqi Technology Lab. Due to changes in the objective environment
or errors during actual use.

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