Xiaomi MITU Rc Drone

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720P HD Camera
Precision Hover
360-degree Air Tumbling

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Main Features:

720P HD Camera
The built-in 720P camera is tuned amazingly to capture pictures and videos from the sky and gives FPV transmission in real-time.
Precision Hover
Thanks to the Altitude Hold function, the drone hovers at a certain height, fly steadily and smoothly in the indoor environment.
Headless Mode 
Locking the current head orientation as the forward direction, even if rotating the drone does not affect the right forward direction of flight, making the manipulation easier and easier to master.
G-sensor Mode
In G-sensor Mode, control the fly direction by only tilt your RC drone. The one-hand control is also so easy. 
360-degree Air Tumbling
Do a 360-degree flip, continuous roll for perfect action and wonderful performance.
Multi-machine Infrared Battle
The MITU RC drone has a multi-machine infrared battle function, enjoy yourself with your friends.
Headless Mode
With Headless Mode, no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying.
● Suitable for new players and indoor flight
● Small size, easy to carry 
● Control height: 25m
● APP download: scan the QR code on the manual

Xiaomi MITU Rc Drone
Small body, Full of Technology,4 core processor, 5 sensors
The MITU RC drone is equipped with a 4-core 1.2G SoC master chip that can quickly process data collected by
multi-sensor groups such as ultrasonics, barometers, and optical flow sensors.
Coupled with the body's independent shock absorber structure, can achieve precise altitude hold,
fixed-point hover, giving stable flight, precise heading direction.
920mAh LiPo battery, up to 10 minutes flight.
Xiaomi MITU Rc Drone
Excited Air Battle
Not only an alone flight, just battle with your friends.
Multiple RC drone can simultaneously participate in the 3D real scenes that are highly immersive.
Fierce airconfrontation, shocking effect, but also to win the medal of honor. Quickly invite your friends and make a fight.
In the infrared battle mode, when the effective position of the attacker's nose or tail is hit,
its blood volume will gradually decrease.
When the blood volume drops to 0, the drone will not be able to continue to attack,
you can choose to rejoin the game or exit the game.

Xiaomi MITU Rc Drone
Mini Compact Body, Easy to Carry Out
Only 11cm wheelbase, 88g weight, carry it with
you easily wherever you are.

Xiaomi MITU Rc Drone
Simple but Crash-resistance Body
Unforgettable Look, Excellent Structure, and Workmanship.
Unique integrated frame structure design, taking into account the machine body strength and light weight.
The special composite material with low density and high toughness body is safer.
Super tough composite materials propellers are more hard and more durable.

Xiaomi MITU Rc DroneXiaomi MITU Rc DroneXiaomi MITU Rc DroneXiaomi MITU Rc Drone
Real-time HD FPV Transmission, Record the Beautiful
5.8GHz Wi-Fi signal with large bandwidth, low delay, and a strong anti-interference
ability for up to 50m control distance.
4GB card for you to record everything.
Xiaomi MITU Rc Drone

Xiaomi MITU Rc Drone
Bluetooth Remote Control, Feel the Pure Control Fun
Do you want to experience more pure control fun? MITU RC drone supports Bluetooth controller control,
can bring you better hand feeling and give full play to the drone of small drone and give you more fun.

Xiaomi MITU Rc Drone
Package contains: 
Main part x1
Battery x1 
USB cable x1
Rigger x4
Positive / reverse oar X3
Specifcation x1

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