Xiaomi PM2.5 Detector
Xiaomi PM2.5 Detector
Xiaomi PM2.5 Detector
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Xiaomi PM2.5 Detector
Xiaomi PM2.5 Detector
Xiaomi PM2.5 Detector

Xiaomi PM2.5 Detector

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  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Use With Air Purifier

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Xiaomi PM2.5 Detector

Anytime, anywhere, air quality in one hand
Xiaomi PM2.5 detector birth can solve the problem can not always understand the quality of the air around, compact size is equipped with a black OLED screen, and high - precision laser sensors to join you can always grasp the PM2.5 the value of your environment, through the and millet air purifier linkage, so clean up the air this matter becomes more and more simple and casual, this is Xiaomi PM2.5 detector unique charm!

Air purifier good partners

If you have transition to Xiaomi air purifier, and then it will become the best partner of the purifier, you can set the API range, If the pollution exceeds the standard, automatic remote purifier for air improvement. Air purifier can also read meter PM2.5 detector as a reference value, more precise for air purification.

Palm size, at any time into the pocket

This is a pocket - sized PM 2.5 detector that can be carried anywhere you go. The Minimalist design, 37, 62 x 62 x (mm) in size and weighs only 100 g. The 'can last for 2 to 3 hours, allowing you to know The surrounding air in real time, been you are working outdoors or working indoors.

From the inside out, From the industrial production standards

Xiaomi PM2.5 detector can "bringing accurate test data, because in its compact body, with industrial - grade production standards. The Pure white ABS shell and the black OLED screen composed of" Panda color ", coupled with the stability of high - precision laser sensor to "bringing hard power, bringing more confidence in the overall product experience.

Totally natural, one black OLED screen

Black screen and fuselage integration, people full of imagination. The OLED screen compared to traditional LCD LCD screen, do not need to rely on the back of the light source for self - luminous material, who definition, faster - the response time, coupled with the color change of the indicator light allows you to visually feel the air quality changes.

High - precision laser sensors
Xiaomi PM2.5 detector has a pair of good at discovering the details of the eye, its built - in high - precision laser sensor can accurately see the microscopic world, the smallest resolution of 0.3 microns particle size particles, precision air quality, with millet air purifier linkage, so that the family at all times fresh and natural.

All operations need only one button to complete
Simple appearance, with the match is more Simple operation, the whole body a key design, not only can display the test data, but also a key to switch to the time mode, instantly turned small clock.


Model: JCY01ZM 
  • Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
    Rated Input Input: 5V = 1.0A
    Z-wave Protocol:908.42MHZ frequency

 Battery capacity 750mAh
Dimensions: 63 x 34 x 63mm
Net Weight:  0.2kg

1 x Xiaomi PM2.5 Detector
1 x Chinese User's Guide

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