Xiaomi Mi Toy Blocks Robot
Xiaomi Mi Toy Blocks Robot
Xiaomi Mi Toy Blocks Robot
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Xiaomi Mi Toy Blocks Robot
Xiaomi Mi Toy Blocks Robot
Xiaomi Mi Toy Blocks Robot

Xiaomi Mi Toy Blocks Robot

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Consisting of 978 parts including gears
The gyroscope, three kinds of remote control mode
Unique graphical programming mode

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Xiaomi MI Toy Blocks Robot

 Mi Toy Blocks Robot has 38x32x9cm dimensions, consisting of 978 parts including gears, chains, and cardan shaft, etc. It's precision is up to 0.005mm to the highest. All parts are safe without pollution ,you can rest assured that use. 

Xiaomi MI Toy Blocks Robot


Like the smart phone,Mi Toy Blocks Robot is powered by STM32 72MHz processor like other smartphones, 32GB storage, and it has its own OS. It can control its action by connecting with smartphone APP. Meanwhile, it provide a rocker, the gyroscope, three kinds of remote control mode, which is easy to get started.

Xiaomi MI Toy Blocks Robot

It has unique graphical programming mode, making the professional, complicated command code be graphical and modular, combining with interesting stage games tutorial to achieve dance and other moves. It adopts inverted pendulum model which can not only keep the body stand in balance, but also load 3kg weight to walk.

Xiaomi MI Toy Blocks Robot

Mi Toy Blocks Robot is equipped with two powerful carbon brush motor, whose speed is up to 133 RPM, and its rotary torque can reach 24N/cm, the light code disc built in the motor can tell the speed and direction of a robot, which can control 1 degree accurately in output axis finally. When crowding situation occurs, the motor can trigger the protection mode automatically, preventing burning due to too much current.

Xiaomi MI Toy Blocks Robot

Mi Toy Blocks Robot comes with 4 USB Type C port, which can not only provide the power for robot, but also expand sensor by connectivity and wireless, two ways, it can connect IR, ultrasonic, color sensor to support RGB real color light programming. This Xiaomi MI Blocks Robot is built in 1700mAh battery to support 12V/5A charge.

Xiaomi MI Toy Blocks RobotXiaomi MI Toy Blocks RobotXiaomi MI Toy Blocks RobotXiaomi MI Toy Blocks Robot

Model  Mi Toy Blocks Robot
  • SoC
    CPU: STM32
    Maximum frequency: 72 MHz
    Processing rate: 32 bite

  • Memory
    Capacity / Type: 32 MB Flash
    Extended Storage: Not supported

  • Wireless Connectivity
    Bluetooth transmission: support
    2.4G wireless support: (connection sensor)
    Wireless Wi-Fi: Supports Type-C expansion of Wi-Fi adapters

Power supply: 1700 mAh lithium battery
Charging adapter: 12 V / 5 V output, intelligent identification

Type: Servo motor
Number: 2

Interface Expansion Sensor: Supported
Wireless Extension Sensor: Supported
Gyro sensor: master built-in
Infrared sensor: external (not including)
Ultrasonic sensors: external (not including)
Color sensor: external (not included)
Programmable RGB true light: support

Mobile terminal remote control: support
Voice recognition remote control: support
Planning Path Remote Control: Supported
Gravity sensing remote control: support
Programming Control: Supported
Mobile Terminal Programming: Supported

Package Size: 380 * 320 * 90 mm
Structure to build: building blocks

1 x Mi Toy Blocks Robot

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