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[Mi 4&Mi 3] Mi 4 LTE (4G) Windows 10 Flashing Steps and FAQs - Read before Flashing

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Post time: 2015-12-03 13:56:37
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Hi Folks,

As the Windows 10 is released for the MI 4, So here is the detailed Tutorial for flashing is Successfully in our beloved  Mi 4.

  • The current version supports only the Mi4 LTE (4G) version. Mi 4 3G(WCDMA) phones are not supported.
  • MiFlash for flashing Windows 10, supported by Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win10 PC operating system. It does not support Win XP.
  • Please download the Windows 10 rom pack from the thread:rom (or by registering yourself on  https://insider.windows.com/ ).
  • Please download MiFlash tool version 20150601 here :tool (This version of the tool is loaded with Qualcomm driver to avoid problems caused by the driver failure.)
  • Please download adb drive:adb drive

Q: What you need to do before flashing ?

Do the following steps before flashing:
  • Make sure your Mi 4 is fully charged ;
  • Please ensure that the date and time settings are correct;
  • Please make a backup of all important information, such as contacts (which you can back up by third-party software );
  • Please download MiFlash tool version 20150601, Download:MiFalash tool;
  • We recommend that you flash in WIFI environment, so that the setup process after flashing does not generate any additional data costs.
Detailed Flashing Steps

1. Download and install Miflash.
http://en.miui.com/thread-189369-1-1.html   Download and install process Miflash detailed in this post, I will not repeat here. (Recommended to choose the default storage location, do not change)

2. Get Firmware Download.
Method One: First you need to have a Microsoft account, click intohttps://insider.windows.com , select the "Getting Started"> Sign in to your Microsoft account> Submit registration page. After successful submission of the registration page, you will become a successful member of the Windows membership program.. Then click on the "Mi", you can find the download address in the new out of the page.

Method two: just click to download the following address: http://download.microsoft.com/do ... 102.3063.Retail.zip  
(we strongly recommend a first method to download)

3. unzip the downloaded firmware.
Unzip the downloaded firmware
4.unzip the downloaded adb drive.
Unzip the downloaded adb drive,And double click run adb.exe

4. Enable developer mode on the phone.
On Mi4 LTE, click on "Settings" -> "About phone" and then click on the "MIUI version" five times.

5. Enable USB debugging on your phone.
Connect Mi4 LTE into the computerand on the device, go to  "Settings" -> "Other Settings" -> "Developer Options" -> "USB debugging" -> and enable the US debugging.

on your computer Use command Prompt (cmd) and then enter into the command line window, and then navigate to the installation MiFlash Tools folder, such as C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Xiaomi \ MiPhone \ Google \ Android in cmd prompt, type the following and press Enter: adb reboot edl after completing this step, Mi4 LTE will be blank until the installation of the Windows 10 mobile version, which is normal. (How to navigate to the destination: Type cdC: \ Program Files (x86) \ Xiaomi \ MiPhone \ Google \ Android, and then type the command again adb reboot edl shown below)

7. Install the mobile version of Windows 10 on Mi4 LTE.
The first step to start the download is complete the MiFlash on the computer, and then in the tool UI, click the "Refresh" to connect Mi4 LTE. You will see the emergence of line items in the tool called "COM" in, followed by a number. The third step is to open and extract the firmware download folder, copy the address in the address bar, in miflash paste the address bar, and then click the "Flash to write." When the tool displays "Flash write completed" to indicate that you have completed.Press the power button on Mi4 LTE to start using Windows 10 for mobile. (As shown below )

Now your phone has successfully Flashed to win10, and you can  start your journey with windows mobile

FAQ's ( Some Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: During the installation of MiFlash tool, Windows security prompt box appears, what should I choose?
A: If the following safety tips box, be sure to choose "Install this driver software"

Q: My Mi 4 has gone into the flashing mode, nothing displayed on the tool even after clicking "refresh" on MiFlash tool? Is my Mi 4 undetected?
  • Open the Device Manager, check "Ports (COM and LPT)" weather "Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008" is there under device nodes in inspection equipment
  • If your phone shows under "QHSUSB_BULK",  then disconnect the phone from the computer and uninstallthe Nokia Software Recovery Tool and all related drivers (Emergency Download Driver under the "Unknown device" or "Universal Serial Bus Devices" nodes, etc. ) and then reinstall MiFlash0601 version, press the "Power button + volume down button" to set the phone to re-enter recovery mode, and the phone will be conncted to your computer.
  • If you find the "unknown USB devices (under device descriptor)", disconnect the phone from the computer and press the "Power button + volume down button" to set the phone to re-enter recovery modeand then again connect to the computer you will now find the drivers installed in the "Universal Serial Bus controllers" and finally the phone will be conncted to your computer.
  • If your device yet can not  be identified, please try with another computer.

Q: Issues like "Loading error" or "system cannot find the specific files" appears during flashing, what's the matter?
A: This error will appear when you flash with MiFlash of 2012.07.23 version, so please download and install 20150601 version of MiFlash. Download:http://en.miui.com/thread-189369-1-1.html

Q: After the successfull flashing, Xiaomi logo will appear at startup,  is this right?
A: Yes,after successful flash, at Start of phone first thing you'll see a sign of Xiaomi, then the screen goes black, wait about a minute or so, Windows flag will come out. During black You do not need to do anything.

Q: Many preinstalled Apps are not present after successful flashing , why is So?
A: This may be because, before the Flashing, your phone date setting might not be correct.

You can follow the steps to resolve this issue:
  • Long press the power button to turn off the phone
  • Press the "Volume up + power button" to enter the BDS menu

  • By volume up and down arrow keys on the phone on the screen to move the option 13 - UEFI menu, then press the power button to confirm the selection

  • In the same way UEFI menu, select Options 6 - Clear UEFI RT Variables + fTPM (Erase RPMB), after confirm your selection, you will see the display "Successfully Erased RPMB Partition" on screen

  • Press any key to return UEFI menu, use the volume keys to move up or down to 0 - Exit Menu Exit UEFI menu page in BDS Menu selection 0 again - Exit BDS Menu exit BDS Menu

  • After exiting the BDS menu, see the following screen, press the power button (about 10 seconds) to restart the phone.
  • Again by pressing down the "power down + power button" simultaneously to enter into recovery mode again

  • Now Re-flash the Mi 4.

Q: How do I join Windows Membership Program?
A: First, you need to have a Microsoft account, click into https://insider.windows.com , select the "Getting Started"> Sign in to your Microsoft account> Submit registration page. After successful submission of the registration page, you will become a successful member of the Windows membership program.

Q: Why after login to Windows Preview Experience website I am not able to see the Mi4 Windows 10 ROM package ?
A: You need to change browser's settings to the Chinese as the default locale and  language.

Q: How to ask questions and provide suggestions directly to Microsoft ?
A: Simply open the pre-installed"Windows feedback" application, on your phone and enter a few words on it. Here you can also upload your screenshots to help microsoft underatand your problem more eaisly.

Q: How can I update my Mi 4 after flashing?
  • Open the "Windows Insider " application
  • After you have registered with the  Insider account with Microsoft account, log into the  "Windows Insider " application, and select "Get a preview version"
  • Click to select "Insider Fast", then click on the bottom of the screen "->" Go to the next
  • In the Confirm page, select "Accept" eventually go to "Finish" to complete the confirmation page

Now system can automatically find updates regularly, or you can go to the "Settings"> "Updating and security"> "Phone update">  find and install updated manually


All credit goeds to Microsoft Team

Thanks for spending your valuable time to read this. If you have any query regarding this feature, post your query in the reply. If possible, I'll try to answer it.


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